My final destination in Ecuador, and the place I had set aside the most time for, was Podocarpus National Park, a large park in the south of the country. It has different sections you don't stay in one place to see it all. For the east side, I stayed at the Copalinga Lodge, outside of the town of Zamora.

This is the east side the the Andes, and so it is the tropics. It is hot and humid, at the outer edge of what really is the Amazonian Basin. But Copalinga had rainforests and trails on its own property, and this page stays on the lodge property.

tropical Zamora

trail in Copalinga Lodge

Copalinga rainforest

rainforest flower

rainforest creek and waterfall

rainforest creek


Dean in the rainforest

Copalinga cabin

flower at Copalinga

orchids at Copalinga

Copalinga, Dean, wine

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