Despite the name, this region of Strathcona Provincial Park is one of the more easily accessed and popular hiking areas in the park. This is probably because of a downhill ski area just outside of the park. The road to the ski area also gets you to relatively high-altitude trailheads. Other trailheads in the center of the park require a 3000 foot gain to get up to the high country.

This was a five-day trip. Because of the popularity of the area, camping is in designated sites in the core areas. So naturally I wanted to get outside of the core area. My planned route ended up being impossible because of high snow levels, even at the end of July. I still got outside of the designated camping area, but not by much.

paradise meadow, at the start of the hike

Lake Helen MacKenzie

First night's camp at Lake Helen MacKenzie - a designated campsite

A creek at the edge of the lake.

Snow still on the trail at the end of July.


After a snowy and slushy hike, I got to this spot behind Mount Albert Edward.

Hope Lake basin.

Frink Peak ridge - I came down from this to get to my campsite.

My spectacular tent perch - this shot won a photo contest, and a free Sierra Designs rain coat for me.

My own private camp waterfall.

Moat Lake

camp tarn.

My waterfall again.

My campsite overlooking Hope Lake.

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