Kauai, Hawaii

part 2

This second page of photographs from my visit to Kauai in September, 2006, is dominated by my hike of the Kalalau Trail along the famed Napali Coast. It is 11 miles of up and down trail (with an estimated gross gain of 5000 feet) along a sometimes narrow, sometimes slippery, and sometimes very exposed, trail.

Devastated! That's how I felt when I called the parks office upon arriving on Kauai to be told that the trail was closed due to storm damage. I ended up going just to do the first part, but ran into others coming out who said it was fine and that nobody was paying any attention to this sign, which was still up days later. So off I went, to do the full route.

Looking back at Ke'e Beach, near the trailhead.

Looking up the Napali Coast. Kalalau Beach is somewhere up there.



Hanakapi'ai Beach, the first place to camp at, a bit over two miles up the trail.












one of the exposed sections f trail.


the exposure looking hundreds of feet down. The trail was narrow, covered with small pebbles, and sometimes sloping down and out.

Kalalau Creek - almost there!






looking ahead to Kalalau Beach





The fluted grassy hills above Kalalau Beach are iconic.






I was camped very close to the bottom of this waterfall.


Now we're done with the Napali Coast. I then went to the north shore town of Kilaeua and stayed in a private house. There really aren't any hotels in town. This was from the backyard.

I paid a visit to the Limahuli Gardens on the north shor, just a few miles before the end of the road, which is where the Kalalau Trail starts.






This is the Bali Hai peak whose picture was made famous in the South
Pacific movie musical, as seen from in the Limahuli Gardens.






General scenery while driving on the north side of Kauai.


The popular Kilaeua Lighthouse.




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