Prince William Sound

Valdez, the Columbia Glacier, and so much marine wildlife

This was the closing segment of this trip. It isn't that far from Wrangell/St. Elias and I had planned to get a ride directly there. Unfortunately that ended up not being possible - transportation in Alaska without your own car can be a major headache sometimes. I had to go back to Anchorage and rent a car, and then do the six hour drive back to Valdez.

But I sure was glad I did. The scenery along the highways was excellent (see the next and last page for this trip) and the scenic boat trip I took on the Sound, while not the wilderness backcountry outing I usually focus on, was nothing short of spectacular, a word that seems to show up a lot in these parts.

Valdez harbor.

Valdez from the water.

Rainbow over Valdez Arm.

otters in Prince William Sound.

Sea lions on a buoy near the Alaska Pipeline terminal.

Chugach Mountains.

Islet in Prince William Sound.

Anderson Falls.

Ice in Columbia Bay.

Iceberg in Columbia Bay.

The 300 foot tall face on the right side of the Columbia Glacier.

Face of the Columbia Glacier.

Orcas, Prince William Sound.

Anderson Falls again.

Stream on Shoup Bay hiking trail.

Horsetail Falls, Keystone Canyon, just outside of Valdez.

Bridal Veil Falls, Keystone Canyon.

Continue to the Glenn Highway.