Lake Quilotoa is a lake in the crater of an old volcano. It is a spectacular setting at 13,000 feet. The ridge around the lake makes for a solid hike. I hiked to the lake from Black Sheep Inn in a half day, and stayed in the town of Quilotoa, next to the lake, and hiked back to Chugchilan the next day.

Laguna Quilotoa

above Quilotoa

goats at Quilotoa

spinning wool

Quilotoa circuit hike

Quilotoa countryside

Laguna Quilotoa

pig in the trail

clouds approaching the lake

Volcanes Illinizas at sunrise

Volcanes Illinizas

Panorama of four pictures of Laguna Quilotoa

hike from Quilotoa to Chugchilan

goats on a steep hillside

hike to Chugchilan

steep trail down

trail between cliffs

narrow trail


back up the other side

looking back at the descent

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