I had planned to hike up to Eagle Peak saddle for my first hike but that one is all about the views and views this morning didn't seem very likely, so I headed up towards Comet Falls instead.

Christine Falls is right near the beginning of the hike. From this bridge

you can look upwards

as well as downstream, and see the Paradise Road below

Even aside from the waterfalls, the Van Trump Creek has some impressive views

After a while I saw a sign that said that Comet Falls was nearby and thought I was there when I saw this

Then I remembered that Comet Falls was over 300 feet tall. I saw some guys come around a corner and I asked what's over there, and they said Comet Falls, so I continued to the regular Comet Falls viewpoint

Well, looks like I need to get a bit closer given the day's fog. This is what it looked like at first

But patience has it's virtues and eventually it got better

And then from back at the regular viewpoint

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