Over the July 4th weekend I visited Horseshoe Meadow and Lookinglass Lake on the southwest side of Mt Adams, via the Stagman Ridge Trail. At the trailhead, burn is spotty, with alternating green trees. Above the turnoff to the lake, burn is about 100%. The entire perimeter of the lake is burned as is most of Horseshoe Meadow.

Near the Stagman Ridge trailhead

You get more views of Mt Adams with the foliage gone

Grassy Hill

Complete burn for a while on the Stagman trail dogleg

But it gets green again at the bottom of the dogleg and stays mostly so to the meadow at 5300'

Above the turnoff to the lake, heading up to the PCT junction

Horseshoe Meadow has some green trees remaining

From camp near the meadow, I headed over to Lookingglass Lake. First view:

From near the largest camp

Pan from the lower end of the lake

The falls on Cascade Creek, just left of the lake

My camp was just south of Horseshoe Meadow

Sunset on Mt Adams