Here Dave, Ben (the truck), and I pose at GoNorth Trucking, where we rented Ben.

We left the rental place at 11am and spent over two hours buying our supplies for the next week. Then we were off. Here is an early roadside view from the Elliot Highway.

The northern boreal forests have lousy soil, and these twiggy black spruce are common.

About 85 miles from Fairbanks on the Elliot, you get to the start of the Dalton.

My first tundra shot

The fireweed was a frequent companion along the road

56 miles up the Dalton, you get to the Yukon River. This is the only bridge across it.

And then the Dalton takes off. We saw a wold cross the road ahead of use here, but it was much too quick to get a photo of.

The oil pipeline is an almost constant companion

And there is always plenty of water because the frozen permafrost prevents drainage

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