Nolan is a mine on Nolan Creek a few miles west of the small town of Wiseman, which itself is about 13 miles from Coldfoot. Nolan is the most common place by which hikers who aren't getting a ride on a bush plane, access Gates of the Arctic National Park, whose eastern boundary is usually 5-10 miles west of the Dalton for over a hundred miles.

we went up the ridge on the east side initially. No trail, and this is the brush we hiked through.

Looking southwest. On the left side of the hill behind the lake is Pasco Pass, a traditional route for accessing the Gates of the Arctic region.

Looking south at Wiseman Creek

We cut across the ridge and down the other side, crossed the road southbound and walked through more brush and tundra.

This got us to the banks of Wiseman Creek, and a nice gravel bar to relax on

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