Galbraith Lake is a miles-long shallow lake on the north slope of the Brooks Range. There is a BLM campground on the far side of the lake, with some scattered sites. They are almost two miles from the lakeside.

We arrived at the 2400' lake about 4pm to low clouds and some new snow visible on the ridges.

A pan of the mountains to the east in ANWR

After dinner it started to clear, and we decided to try a quick hike to the lake. We estimated two miles by the map, and planned to follow next to a creek. It was 8:15 when we left. We walked fast and on various types of tundra. We didn't get right to the lake's edge due to a tributary that cut across, but we were on a knoll a hundred yards away, by about 9pm.

It cleared out even more for another stitch of three shots

The very late evening light - with the sun squeaking below the cloud layer, made for some fantastic lighting

After going to sleep with clear skies, we awoke to this

After a slow start, the clouds stayed, but the snow melted, and it was just a cloudy day, so we went for our planned hike following a creek up into the hills. This is the first thing we saw.

Dave looking for, and finding, a way across this unnamed creek

The creek as we followed it

when we turned back, we decided to take a higher and more direct route over the tundra

Here we are in front of the nameless mountain that towers over the unnamed creek

A look back at Galbraith Lake

And the BLM camping area

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