Bird Creek Meadows, on the southeast side of Mt Adams, in Yakama lands, is one of the prettiest areas on Mt Adams. It is most famous for it's midsummer flowers, but this visit was on November 1, 2011, in the middle of autumn. I started hiking at the South Climb trailhead in national forest lands and hiked into the area from the west.

Entering the wilderness

First good view of Adams from the trail

Hoar frost in the soil made for deep footprints. It was probably in the 20's.

After 3+ miles, entering Yakama Lands

And the dry, sandy terrain of the national forest gives way to Bird Creek Meadows typical meadows

The reason is the frequent small creeks, literally every couple hundred yards

The ice never really melted all day

Meandering creeks - wish I had a birds eye view

This waterfall was more ice than water

More meandering creeks in the meadows

The bridge over Crooked Creek needs replacing

Crooked Creek Falls is a few hundred yards down a side trail

Hoar frost closeups

Eventually you get to the picnic area. Not sure if these tables just have short legs or the area flooded

Mt Hood above the fog

The east side of Mt Adams from Hellroaring Viewpoint. Hellroaring Valley below and the Ridge of Wonders across