So I left the camp at Marmot Lake headed for nearby O'Neil Pass, not much more than a mile from camp

The pass is at 4,950 feet but doesn't have many views

The trail drops a bit from the pass but then stays relatively level at 4500 feet for about 5 miles. Normally there are great mountain views across the valley, but the smoke affected this a lot. In this picture I've done as much photoshopping as I can. The ski is blue because of that but the mountain still lacks much definition.

Later on White Creek passes through this meadow and makes for a nice camping area

After dropping down to 3200 feet and turning right towards Anderson Pass, there was another smoky view, but the peaks were close enough that they were visible. No photoshopping on this one.

Anderson Pass, at 4467 feet, was forested and had no views. Shortly after I reached camp at a place called Siberia Camp. After hanging around camp for a while, I noticed something nice: huckleberries!

I saved them for breakfast the next morning. Late that afternoon a decent breeze came up. It broke the heat and blew the smoke back east where it had come from. The next morning with crisp clear skies, I had the hike over Lacrosse Pass, which started less than a mile from camp. It was 2000 up to the pass. The first 1500 feet of that were in the forest, then all of the sudden you break out into meadows with great views.

Quartz or crystaline striations in the rock along the trail

Approaching the pass

Views at the pass itself were not quite as good as just below. This is what I had walked through

The view on the other side

From the pass it was 3000 feet down in 3 miles to join the Duckabush Trail again and head back down. I camped in 10 Mile Camp again, hiked over the Big Hump again, and was out at the car at 2:30 the next day.