After leaving Copalinga, I took the bus to the town of Loja, where I stayed in a hotel. From there I took daytrips to the San Francisco Cloudforest, in the north of the park, and the Cajanuma District, in the west, which is the highest of the three districts. The San Francisco District is one of the few places where you can feasibly walk to and see a podocarpus tree.

San Francisco cloudforest with my guide

Quebrada del Diablo in SF cloudforest

Podocarpus tree

Dean in San Francisco forest

San Francisco rainforest

valley near the town of Vilcabamba

Podocarpus National Park trails, Cajanuma sector

tree roots that look like snakes


cloudforest trail

Cajanuma cloudforest

cloudforest flowers

Podocarpus trails in Cajanuma

dew on plants

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