On my first full day at the lake (Dec 24), I decided to hike the volcano. I caught the 8am public boat across the lake. The water was calm.

Passed by the Lake Atitlan Riviera, the only high-rise on the lake

I hired the required guide in the town of San Pedro for about $18, and at the park headquarters above town, two other women hiking the peak were added to our group as they hadn't hired a guide in town. Here is the view a little ways up, looking down west on the town of San Pedro

The trail apparently had been constructed recently, replacing an older and steeper one.

Low down we were hiking through coffee fields, but most of the way it was forest.

Looking east from the summit. The volcanoes are Toliman on the left and Atitlan on the right. The town of Santiago Atitlan is at the bottom

Here is out group: Guide Samuel, Fiona, Janine, and myself

And the best panorama of the lake

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