Kachemak Bay State Park backpacking

The boat drops me off at the Saddle Trailhead for a four day backpack, to be picked up elsewhere at the end of my trip. It only rained one day, and not much at that.

Saddle trailhead.

Trail sign.

Saddle Trail.

Glacier Lake Trail.

Grewingk Lake and Glacier.



Grewingk Glacier.


Grewingk Lake Camp.

Trail along gravel where the glacier has recently receded.

Off-trail hiking.


Grewingk Creek Tram.

Grewingk Creek Tram pull rope.

Trail junction on the far side of the tram.

Fehn Ridge on Glacier Trail.

Glacier Trail.

Humpy Creek near Emerald Lake. I turned back near here because the down trees were too dense and frequent.


Grewingk Glacier from up close.

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