This three day trip was at the beginning of September. I had heard that the Killen Creek area on the north side of Mt Adams was nice, but because Forest Road 23 was washed out all year, there was no access to the Killen Creek trailhead. So I took Riley Creek, the northernmost trailhead I could get to, and hiked up there, with some exploration on the way.

Mt Adams from Forest Road 23, just south of the trailhead. No snow in September!

This lake was my first goal. It has no name on the map (though some call is Island Lake) and is about a half mile from the trail. I left the regular trail at a meadow that seemed to be the right place based on my reading of my map, and soon found an old trail that stopped and started. But soon I found my way to Lake 5387. It was a nice find, and expect that I will visit again over the years.

Camp at the lake.

The Adams Glacier starts to come into view as I hike farther north.

Hiking through lava fields.

Mt. Rainier.

An excellent view of the Adams Glacier on Mt. Adams.

Killen Creek.

Killen Falls.

Meadow area around Killen Creek.

Looking at Goat Rocks.

A strange cloud hovers over Mt. Adams.

A storm moved in over night and Mt. Adams looked very different the next morning.

New snow on Mt. Rainier as well.

Killen Creek falls again.

The storm cleared quickly and the snow is already melting.

Tenuous bridge over Adams Creek.

Trail 64 is the Riley Trail. This must be an old and outdated sign.