Lookingglass Lake is on the southwest side of Mt Adams. There are a number of routes to get there, but the quickest goes up the Stagman Ridge trail for a few miles and catches the unofficial Graveyard Camp trail for another mile across to the lake. The latter trail is not on most maps but is easy to follow. It's a little over 4 miles overall and about 1500 feet up.

Near the trailhead. The tail passes through open forest at first.

A great view of Mt Adams from a meadow almost 3 miles up.

The trail heading off to Lookingglass Lake.

Lupine blooming at 5000 feet.

The creek crossing just before the lake as I arrive at 6:30pm.

The same spot as I leave the next morning at 7am. The water has dropped and cleared up.

The lake.

Looking the other direction to the peak.

Meadows around the lake, near camp.

This is a view of the Sleeping Beauty from near the Grassy Knoll area.

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