Crystal Lake must be one of the most unoriginal names for a lake, along with Mirror Lake. Not sure which one takes the prize. But Mt Adam's Crystal Lake entry for that name is a pretty good version. It's up high and has an unusual geology - rather than sitting in canyon or a the head of a valley, it's smack dab on top of a ridge. Which means that in addition to camping next to a pretty lake, you get fantastic views all around.

You pass some nice ponds on the way up the Riley Creek trail

With a storm clearing out, Mt Adams had a blanket on

When I get to Crystal Lake, it still has it on

Mt Rainier had a double lenticular

Pretty soon it cleared

Note that on September 24 of each year from the angle of Crystal Lake, the sun sets smack dab on the top of Mt St Helens

My down booties are now in the pack for fall camping

And serve double duty keeping the food hot while it hydrates

A much different view in the morning

Rather than head straight down, I climbed up to point 6801 and then angled down to Horseshoe Meadows. A couple of views looking south from pt 6801 and farther down

Horseshoe Meadows and Mt Adams

Miles on the PCT Mt Adams-style, heading down