I got a late season visit to Mt Adams on Sept 29-30 in 2011. I visited a number of my favorite places on the north and northwest side of the mountain.

Near the trailhead of the Divide Camp trail

Mt Adams as seen from a meadow at the Divide Camp turnoff. The Adams Glacier is prominent.

Mt Adams from High Camp.

I continued up higher and at a ridge at 7300 feet had this reward

Looking north at Mt Rainier from High Camp

I had hoped to camp up there, but it was just too windy, so I headed down to a sheltered spot at 6300 feet that I had seen while heading up

After a star-filled evening and a still-breezy night, in the morning I headed down and a mile east to Killen Creek Meadows. Here is the foot bridge across Killen Creek.

And the falls just below

The Adams Creek crossing is just west of the Divide Trail. Earlier in the year this can be a challenging ford, but not in late September

The creek is part of a much wider debris basin. Obviously there have been some flash floods here

But maybe not recently since the trail across is well worn

The flowers have not given up on our late summer yet

The crown of the day was a leisurely lunch at Crystal Lake

Mt Adams from Forest Road 23 on the way home

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