After descending nearly 4000 feet from the top of Spray Park, we reached the Carbon River and it's well known suspension bridge. It really did bounce around disconcertingly in the middle.

From down at 3000', Mt Rainier peaks out

The trail crosses the Carbon River a second time. I wonder what this looks like on a high water year.

Then it was a couple miles of flat hiking to the camping area on Ipsut Creek, which is an old car campground whose road has washed out.

The next day was a half day hike up a big hill along Ipsut Creek to Ipsut Pass and then to our car at Mowich Lake. The day was cloudy and overcast. There were some nice creeks on the way up.

And some wildlife

Yogi (photo courtesy leadfoot)

Just before reaching the pass, there was a large and dramatic rock wall that we crossed beneath

(photo courtesy leadfoot)