I solo hiked to The Bumper, above Horseshoe Meadow, just under 6500 feet at the end of June. The Bumper is a butte-like feature sticking out of a low-angle slope and has a large flat summit. Although Mt Adams was above average snowpack as recently as April, this is way below average for late June. A hot May did this. It was cool and breezy when I arrived at about 3pm but the wind died down that evening for a great night.

Post fire beargrass blooms on lower Stagman Ridge

Going around Grassy Hill

budding false hellebore

Stagman Meadow view

Cascade Creek and Adams at the entrance to Horseshoe Meadow

Horseshoe Meadow - mostly melted out, still a bit muddy

Water doing it's work on the snow

Cascade Creek farther up, almost next to The Bumper

Snowbank covering 75% of the top of The Bumper

But plenty of room to camp

Adams at sunset

Mt Saint Helens and the waning marine layer

Mt Hood floats on smoke