Mt. Adams is a 12000+ foot peak just north of where I live in White Salmon. The Mt Adams Wilderness surrounds its west side, with the Yakama Reservation on the east side. The banner picture above was taken from the west side on Stagman Ridge.

You can check out the website of the Friends of Mt. Adams.

In September of 2012, a night of widespread dry lightening started the Cascade Creek Fire on Mt. Adams. Due to the dry summer and that the rainy season didn't start until mid-October, the fire burned for a long time. Fire-fighting focused on preventing spread away from the mountain, but they were mostly powerless to prevent it's spread within the Mt. Adams Wilderness.

The size of the fire was listed as 20,296 acres acres, but this includes some areas of high intensity that scorched everything and other areas where most trees survived and maybe some ground cover burned along with the occasional tree. I will be doing a series of hikes to see how my favorite areas did in the fire and these trips are reported immediately below. Farther down is my regular series of Mt Adams hikes from previous years.

Lake 5387

Salt Creek Trail

Lookinglass Lake and Horseshoe Meadow

Other trips

Mt Adams Lakes Loop

Pacific Crest Trail and Riley Creek Trail (click on photo).

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