Peru is not all mountains and the Andes. It has extensive sections of the Amazon rainforest basin in its eastern flanks. The rivers here are tributaries to the Amazon. Lake Sandoval is near the town of Puerto Maldonaldo (the last few photos) which you can fly to easily from Cuzco. It is a mecca for wildlife and rainforest viewers. Thought there are many animals, the star attraction is usually the freshwater otters. Visits to Ecolodges on the lake involve boat trips on the water mostly, but also some hikes in the forest. The lodges tend to be fairly expensive. For my trip, I took a ride down the Rio Madre do Dios to a drop off point where we took a short walk (with our stuff in a cart) to the lake and lodge.

Leaf-cutter ants carry their heacy load.

Some kind of termite mound.

A walking tree - new roots are put down in the direction of sunlight, and they can move inches per year.

A baby caiman.


Here I am in front of a giant fig tree.

The otters!

A blue morpho butterfly. This one is dead, found on the ground. But it is at least four inches across.

A small frog.

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