From Three Prune, I retraced my route for 1.5 miles then descended the Elip Creek trail for 4.5 miles and 2500 feet down, to the North Fork Quinault River trail.

Sign of the low snowpack this year. The Sklyline Ridge would still be under snow in June most years.

On your knees! The other trails already had fallen trees cleared off, not this one.

Farther down was even a worse case, where a large tree had taken down many others, creating an area about 50 feet wide to be negotiated

After setting up camp at the Elip Creek camping area, I set out up-canyon to see the North Fork.

The Trapper Shelter, with bunks, there was a large campsite behind too.

My farthest point on this hike was at this nice little tiered creek

The next morning it was 7 miles out to the car. Some sections of trail were a bit overgrown.

But there was plenty more classic Olympic Forest

A rare direct glimpse of the North Fork itself