I took a 2-day car camping trip to Paulina Lake, south of Bend, OR, in the Newberry Volcanic Monument.

I camped in the Little Crater Campground, which had easy access to many trails without driving. All campsites in this campground have lake views, with some right on the lake. This is site 44.

My first hike was the 7.5 loop around the lake. It stays right next to the water most of the way.
There were some ducks

Some of the shoreline was marshy or grassy,

but most was forested.

Looking across at the Big Obsidian Flow. More on this later.

An obsidian encrusted boulder. More on obsidian later too.

Later I did the shorter hike into the Big Obsidian Flow. It's a one mile loop from it's trailhead. From my campsite, it was more like 3. After a short paved section, it climbs these stairs directly into the flow

Lots more obsidian, with my foot for scale

Somehow a few trees grow in the thing

The next day I did a long hike to Paulina Peak, which you also can drive to. I took the long way, going around the flow. You pass this pumice flats on the way up

The trail seems almost to be paved in obsidian

The flow is surrounded by these walls that in places are mostly obsidian as well

Great views of the lake from above

Nearing the top after about 6 miles

Here is a view of most of the flow, and that's a different lake, East Lake, behind it

Zooming in on the Three Sisters far to the west