The Eagle Peak trail does not go to the peak, it goes to a saddle between Eagle Peak and a neighboring peak. I had recently read that a former ranger in the park said it was one of the ten best viewpoints in the country, so I had to go. After hiking Comet Falls that morning, it seemed like there was some clearing. I had some sunshine at camp, but Mt Rainier was still not visible. The trail gains almost 3000 feet in 3.6 miles up, so it was going to take at least an hour and a half to get there. Would it clear up enough?

The trail faces away from Rainier and I got more sunshine. Then I went back into some clouds and got this shot, a nice shot, but not the conditions I was hoping for.

Farther up there was some fall color

Here I'm at the saddle looking west with Eagle Peak at the upper right

Now looking more east towards the Tatoosh Range

I spent a chilly hour up there and never saw Rainier. It did clear below a cloud deck so here is Paradise. The mountain is above.

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