The Pinnacle Peak hike is another one where the trail doesn't go to the peak, but a saddle next to it. It is just as steep as Eagle Creek, but a lot shorter, gaining a little over a thousand feet. However while the official trail ends at that saddle, other trails fan out from there.

Looking back down on the trail as I neared the saddle

At the saddle, I turned right on a rougher trail and continued 400 feet higher to the top of Plummer Mountain. Pinnacle Peak had sheer cliffs from this side though it might be possible from the other side. From the top of Plummer Mtn at 6370 feet was the view of Rainier that I had wanted the day before.

To the south in the Tatoosh Wilderness, was Butter Creek.

To the west, I zoomed in on Cliff Lake. Might see about camping there some day. Paradise is at lower right.

Pinnacle Peak is at the left, the saddle at lower left. I don;t know where that trail to the right goes. Next time!

Of course there were many people up there so we each got our shots taken without it needing to be a selfie

A closeup of Paradise with a good view of the trails above it

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