The Snipes Mountain Trail ascends Mt Adams on it's southern side, following closely next to the Aiken Lava Bed, a fairly recent lava flow between 3500 and 6000 years old. It also passes through the recent 2009 Cold Springs Fire burn.

The lava bed is basically a tall ridge of broken lava rock. It's lower end is visible right from the road next to the trailhead.

The trailhead is right next to this, at 3800 feet.

The trail is immediately next to the lava bed for a few miles

Then you get into the burn area at about 4500 feet.

The trail also follows Gotchen Creek for a while, and is a part of it for a while

Mushrooms seem to like the burn

I hit fairly continuous snow at about 5300 feet and continued up to 6000 feet for a good view of Mt Adams.

But I didn't want to camp in the snow, so I returned to a melted out ridge a few hundred yards east of the trail that I had seen around 5800 feet.

Mushrooms here as well

As well as views of Mt Adams