The first day's hike was about 14 miles and gained about 4200 feet to Spider Gap at 7050'.

After the 2.3 mile road walk up to the trailhead, I started up the Phelps Creek Trail, which at first is a road, and continues through the forest for miles.

5.5 miles up is Spider Meadow

The route goes up a series of ledges and benches from the lower right to the prominent rock outcropping right in the middle

Looking up the Spider Glacier - it isn't as steep as this looks

Looking up the final few hundred feet to Spider Gap - 4200 feet above where I started

Looking down the other side into Lyman Basin. Though beautiful, the entire area was plagued by mosquitoes.

Lower Lyman Lake with Cloudy Pass above and Cloudy Peak to the right

Lakeshore view - all camps are a little ways above the lake behind me

Sunset on Lyman Lake

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