As pretty as Seven Lakes was, it was also plagued by a horde of mosquitoes. I had a hasty dinner on the ridge above and spent the rest of my time there huddled in my tent. It never got cold enough at night to chase them away. It was no better in the morning at dawn, so I packed up real quick without breakfast or coffee and headed up to a peak that I hoped would be better. It was.

800 feet higher up on Stanley Butte, my breakfast spot with a grand view of the Selway Crags across the canyon

There was a very protective grouse on the summit rocks

There was an old and rickety wooden platform up there. But with the cranky grouse hanging around, I didn't stay there long

Looking down at Shasta Lake

Scenes at the summit area

I've never seen red pine cones like this

After breakfast I headed down to Oldman Meadows but returned for the night and got these great sunset shots

Down to Oldman Meadows