This is a campsite way up high on the southeast side of Mt Adams. It's a basecamp for climbers, but it makes for a wild backpack, up to 8300 feet. Maintained trails only go as far as the Hellroaring Valley Vista above Bird Creek Meadows. A rough trail goes another mile or so, and the latter part is without trails, to the camp. It also has no cairns, so you need to be able to use your map and compass.

I started from Cold Springs Camp, and the trail crosses the A G Aiken Lava Bed

This is where you cross from the national forest to the Yakama Nation reservation.

The Ridge of Wonders. Sunrise Camp is at a little dip way on the left.

A waterfall below feeds from the Mazama Glacier

Hellroaring Canyon, Bench Lake to the right.

One of the locals

This is the main section of the "Gap" in the Mt Adams loop. This is the Klickitat Glacier with Avalanche Canyon well beyond. It's much steeper and rougher than it looks here.

Sunrise Camp in evening light, with my tent occupying one of the shelters

There are at least a dozen of these. At first I thought they were for wind protection, but after hearing almost constant rockfall from the Mazama Glacier, and seeing that they all face that way, I think it is for slide protection.

This glacial lake, sometimes called Iceberg Lake, is below and south of Sunrise Camp

The Klickitat Glacier in early morning light

Mazama Glacier, Sunrise Camp and my tent at the lower left

Another local seen on the way down

Taken from Hellroaring Viewpoint, the route to Sunrise Camp. I've added a yellow dot to show its location.

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