Utah Slot Canyons

Grand Staircase area

In May of 2006, I spent about a week exploring the slot canyons of southwest Utah. There are many jurisdictions: Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument, Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. The actual Grand Staircase is partly in the monument that is named after it, but the Vermillion Cliffs are one of the steps in the staircase, so that is a part of the geologic feature known as the Grand Staircase. Similarly, The long Escalante Canyon, is partly in the monument, but much of it is also in the Glen Canyon Recreation Area.

This trip was all in the monument and the wilderness area, not the recreation area. And all of it was in the actual staircase, with the exception of Kodachrome State Park, which is just to the north.

The Wave (9 photos)
Buckskin Canyon (19 photos)
Staircase area slot canyons (17 photos)
Kodachrome State Park (17 photos)
General (9 photos)